Solgari releases GDPR & MiFID II Compliant SMS service as part of Integrated Omni-Channel Cloud Communications platform

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Customer demand for all the digital communication channels in the cloud drives release of SMS solution

Solgari, the global provider of compliant, integrated omni-channel cloud communications services today announced the release of our compliant SMS service which is now available as part of our cloud communications suite to existing and on-boarding customers.

Solgari provides our customers all the digital communication channels – including voice, WebRTC video, chat, IM & SMS – while automatically addressing GDPR, MiFID II & PCI DSS compliance requirements through a per user per month SaaS model.

Templar Executives and Wärtsilä to establish Maritime Cyber Academy in Singapore

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Templar Executives are delighted to announce our partnership with the marine and energy group, Wärtsilä, to establish a world-class Cyber Academy and maritime cyber emergency response team in Singapore.

The academy will offer courses designed to support and enhance the collective Cyber maturity of the wider maritime sector, notably ship operators and owners. The academy will be located in the Wärtsilä Digital Acceleration Centre in Singapore, will become operational from 1 May 2018.

The Cyber Academy’s courses will be available for delivery in both Singapore and London and will cover a range of relevant topics, from Cyber security coaching for senior management to Cyber awareness for all organisational levels within the maritime industry.

Protection is a Must

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At the Information Security Forum (ISF), we believe that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be the biggest shake-up of global privacy law in decades. The GDPR not only redefines the scope of European Union (EU) data protection legislation, but forces organisations on a global scale to comply with its requirements. The regulation will have an international reach, affecting any organisation that handles the personal data of EU residents, irrespective of where it is processed.

Businesses face several challenges in preparing for the reform, including a widespread lack of awareness among internal stakeholders and implementing a culture change across the enterprise to address data protection requirements. The additional resources required to address the obligations are likely to increase compliance and data management costs while pulling attention and investment away from other important initiatives. 

But it is not just in the area of privacy where legislation will bite. The increasing burden of compliance and legislative variances across jurisdictions will impact multi-nationals and those businesses targeting international trade. However, in the longer term, organisations who adopt and meet the requirements of the EU GDPR will benefit from the uniformity introduced by the reform. Smart businesses are already seeing the opportunity to turn compliance actions into tangible business benefits.

Digital Communication-Solgari Unlocks UK Financial Services Growth in New Regulatory Landscapes

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Ed Grant is COO and co-founder at Solgari. After 10 years in Corporate & Investment Banking at Citi working in European Tech Media & Telecoms, Ed entered the private equity world focused on SaaS investments leading to the launch of Solgari with his co-founders.

As a result of decades of investment in science and technology, Ireland has a specifically strong financial services sector with 250 of the world’s leading financial services firms having international operations within the country[1]. With MiFID II in place and with the onset of GDPR expected to have a major impact on investment management throughout the industry, financial services companies are opening up to new solutions and adapting in the process.

Irish businesses within the financial services and fintech sector export to more than 100 countries worldwide, emphasising the global demand for high-level Irish skills in this area. This is why solution providers like Irish-based company Solgari - global provider of compliant, integrated omni-channel cloud communications services – is emerging to provide a seamless transition to this evolving compliance landscape.

Defusing the GDPR Time Bomb

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With just three months before new data protection rules kick in, John Clelland and Chris Greenslade, founding partners of Proteus-Cyber, explain how to stay cool, calm and compliant.It’s a watershed year for risk management specialists – and a worrying one for businesses that are not ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But if they seek expert advice now, and develop a step-by-step strategy to minimise risks, they can stay on the right road to compliance. That’s the message from Proteus-Cyber, a software provider that has developed a product called Proteus GDPReady. Launched in February 2017, it was touted as the first GDPR software toolkit on the market to fully support the GDPR process and help data protection officers prepare their organisations for the new regulatory environment.

Cyber Security: The Changing Face of the Boardroom

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Over the past year Templar Executives has been experiencing an increasing number of requests from Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to support them in developing their own personal understanding of Cyber Security. The common aim is to be able to identify what they should be challenging their Boards on and how the NEDs can ensure assurance in this area. What is clear is that Boards are increasingly being held to account, not only by their NEDs but also by their shareholders, stakeholders, customers and employees.

Industry surveys continue to highlight that leadership and accountability in Cyber Security remains a significant challenge for Boards. There is no real consensus across organisations on how much responsibility Boards should accept for their Cyber Security posture; for example, to be able to understand and assess the implications of Cyber Security intelligence reports to make appropriate business decisions. However, there can be no doubt that the Board is accountable.

Cybersecurity: Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

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Nowadays, the increasing demands that small business and corporations face given the technological and cybernetic advance of global business interconnections are calling for new security standards as well as more advanced mechanisms to cope with constant threats to clients, employees and businesses. Regardless of the size and scope of a company, cyberattacks and data breaches are threats that businesses can't afford to ignore any more.

According to the UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017, around 46% of businesses overall in the UK have been victims of at least one cybersecurity breach or digital attack, while 66% of medium/large enterprises and 45% of micro/small businesses have come under attack in the last 12 months. These surprising statistics suggests that corporations in the UK are highly vulnerable and that regulations and counteracting measures should be enhanced to prevent cybercrime and strengthen corporate and civil protection.

Stay Secure

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Cyber-attacks have risen to the top of the agenda in both the private and public sphere, and in today’s global, highly competitive world, Templar Executives is the company to help you fight the battle. We interview Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO, Templar Executives, on how best to avoid these issues.

Henry Martin: Templar Executives has won the Best Cyber Security Firm UK 2016 by CEO Insight magazine, alongside landing a place on this year’s Top 20 Most Influential list. What is it about Templar Executives unique approach that empowers companies to understand and exploit cyberspace?

Andrew Fitzmaurice: The digital era is heralding a new ‘cyber world’ of unprecedented interconnectedness, instantaneous communications and access to swathes of data and information – and every day, we are seeing the impacts of this on governments, organisations and individuals.

Ireland vs Cyber Crime

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As hackers continue their virtual assault, robbing data and personal information in sectors extending from health care to retail sales, all industries will soon require specialists in digital security to fight their corner. In terms of which country is doing it best, Ireland is the unforeseen winner and pioneer of cyber-security.

Ireland has already established itself as a revolutionary technology hub, and cyber-security is another field in which it has the potential to lead the way. Today cyber-security is rarely out of the news, and while headlines cover alleged hacking of elections and enormous data breaches, cyber criminals present a real and tangible danger to small businesses and every type of company needs competent staff with the skills and knowledge to help lessen the risk. Ireland is fast becoming a European security hub with a substantial base of global technology and security companies not least because of its developing, skilled and flexible workforce.